Highland Park 16 Years Old: Price History, Value, Data for Whisky Investment

The Highland Park 16 Years Old is a well-known British single malt scotch whisky from the Island region. Our research shows that it has been listed over 800 times on different whisky auction sites. With that, Highland Park 16 is considered a fairly frequently listed and very popular bottle of the secondary market. On this page, we collect all the hard-data and information that we currently have about it!

  • Average latest price of a Highland Park 16 Years Old bottle: £265.00 (as of 2023-04-28)
  • Annualized return: -2.58% (since 2015-04-01)
  • Liquidity score: 95.21% (based on historical data there’s an ~95.21% chance that you’ll be able to sell this bottle on the secondary market at its actual market value)

Highland Park 16 Years Old: Price History

Avg. latest price Annualized return Liquidity Score All-Time High

Important qualitative insights about the Highland Park 16 Years Old whisky

Is it still produced? No data.
Taste: (no_data)

Is Highland Park 16 a good investment?

When we evaluate Highland Park 16 Years Old as an investment, we look at two things mainly: its past performance (annualized return) and how easy was it to sell historically (liquidity score).

Based on these factors, we consider it as an average investment historically because:

  • it had a below-average annualized return: -2.58%
  • it was easy to sell it on the secondary market: ~95.21% of the cases there was a buyer for the requested price

Is it worth to invest in a bottle of Highland Park 16 Years Old right now?

We don’t know. One can never tell where the prices will be in one month, one year or 10 years… But we know how much it is worth right now:

  • its latest average price was £265.00
  • which is -35.37% compared to its all time high price (which was £410.00)
  • and +57.46% compared to its all time low (which was £168.30)

Based on these information our machine learning model estimates ~(no_data)

Disclaimer: Please note that machine learning models’ predictions might be wrong. Noone knows what the future holds, not even a computer. Past performance is never guarantee of future results! The information on this page is here to help you but it is not investment advice nor personal financial advice. Investing in any asset class is risky, you do that at your own risk!

Special Editions of this whisky

Here are a few of the special editions of Highland Park 16 that we have found on the secondary market:

  • Odin
  • Thor
  • Valhalla Collection
  • Twisted Tattoo

Should you invest in Highland Park 16 Years Old right now?

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